Thursday, January 20, 2011

Viva Google

About three months ago I blogged about the strategic mistakes the internet companies are making about banning iranian people from accessing resources and software applications which only leads to stop ordinary citizens to enjoy internet freedom which they already have a bitter taste of that. I also left some comments here and there (like on NVidia blog which has been removed - you can see the pictures on my post) to express the issue as well.
What Google has announced is very appriciating and quiet cool to see. I hope others will take this path as well. And again I should thank Microsoft about not getting into these banning plans ever.
Back again on Google, there are still resources they have packed to not to be seen by iranians like or the Blog This! extension for google chrome. I can understand some thoughts behind restricting access to google code (for copyright issues not anything else) but the Blog This extension is obviously a  good way for sharing information and resources which needs to be taken care of.

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rosanna said...

I enjoied reading through your blog. I know nothing of your country apart from what leaks out by the means of western companies.And I'm quite certain it isn't enough.Thank you for stoppimg at my place. Rosanna