Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Music in Me

Every moment that I'm contained in, there is a totally parallel timeline that I live inside that as well. Sometimes the whole thing reproduces itself and I happen to be living different levels of consciousness or better to say semi-consciousness.
It's not quiet comfortable to be like that; it has its own pros and cons which I dont have the intention to explain them here (maybe I do later). To be honest
this is a point of confusement for me. When I'm looking outside of my office window and my face shows no sign of happiness and I'm seeing and feeling a totally different moment with its particular scent, view and all the things and all of a sudden a friend tries to ask me what is with you and the way I have to pack myself out into his exact moment, I get disturbed.
A few seconds ago, I just saw everything in a completely new manner. I just thought I'm living a music with beats and melody; with levels and layers; differnet frequencies and colors; and I have to keep it in harmony so people around me wont get confused when they encounter me.
I know I can't do that, but that still will do a thing to my new blogging obsession.

P.S: I just started to watch "The Big Bang Theory" with looooooots of laughter. It's so funny and eye catcher.

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