Friday, January 14, 2011


Watching "The Bing Bang Theory" was all I did today, except the afternoon nap though. Yes, I woke up like 9 o'clock, played an episode just before having a cup of coffee or even go to the bathroom.
Not to mention that I'm losing everything that was important to me once and this will take me to depression but during this "The Big Bang Theory" day I just envisioned something really important.
What are the fundamental elements of human life? I'm not going to answer that question like a geek or something; it is just a heads up. We all sure have different approaches with different views and knowledge about our lives. This itself is a strange fact. The living things -the only ones who are able to think about their being and their own lives- don't know much about it.
Please see that I'm not talking about biology or anything scientific, but highlighting the principles (the simple ones) which control our lives and help us move forward. You agree with me that the above question could have different answers in totally different contexts.
Physically we could talk about the healthy water, air (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen), food, exercise and so on. We all know and have read the topics on health pages of newspaper and websites and these topics are some kind of annoying. BUT THEY ARE CORRECT!
Environment is experiencing a crisis, water is poluted just like air and in many countires they don't give much care about healthy water and in some they can't even if they wanted. As just mentioned we all know about the air polution in cities because of the cars and all the machinary that is using the fossil fules. My own city is like a very big hubble-bubble tank, full of smoke which we breath everyday.
What we eat?! Mostly crap... Lots of carbohydrate, lots of sugar, lots of fat. This is the nature of the fast food. Adding the coke and all the alcoholic drinks will bring it to a worse situation as well.
How much do I spend for exercising? Less than a minute. Actually none. My body is spending all these materials for movement and I don't do that. So simply the system crashes. There is no other way.
I can be more sarcastic and point different topics out. But the most important thing I just want to say is that: Guys we are ina catastrophic disaster. Our lives are in danger!

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