Saturday, January 8, 2011

Play Play Play

It's so confusing to get to the kind of people who are hiding under many deffierent faces and excuses. Maybe that's now so clear in the first impressions, but when you encounter misunderstandings and some arguments take place and you try to dig deep the meanings of what somebody else says, you start to find out that there has been a game being played.

The games people play are most likely unconsciousnessly playedl but there they are and they are real. For a precise mind which wants to get to the exact points, this may be a difficult situation but all the problems will go away when this precise mind tries to use the companion heart (his/her own) to make the opponent (the one who is playing) feel comfortable. Yes, it is boring and sometimes needs sacrifice but that's the way the life is. So play play play...

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